Offer questionnaire

In order to obtain a technical and commercial offer for the supply of a complete painting/varnishing line.

  1. 1. Customer information:

  2. 2. Type of Valuation:

  3. 3. Production program planned for painting:

  4. 4. Elements dimentions:

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  5. 5. The number of work shifts assumed to execute the program:

  6. 6. Paint coating requirements:

  7. 7. The frequency of paint coat color changes per shift and the total number of paint colors used:

  8. 8. Expected range of technological equipment:

  9. 9. Available heating medium:

  10. 10. How is the process of preparing the surface of elements before painting is currently performed:

  11. 11. Estimated completion date:

  12. 12. Other special conditions if any:

  13. 13. Do you currently have your own paint shop?:

  14. 14. Dimensions of the room for powder coating:

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