About company

GWO-MAL sp. z o.o. is a company with over 30 years of experience, occupying a significant position in the industry of applying protective and decorative coatings. Many years of experience and the implementation of hundreds of projects in many industries have made the GWO-MAL brand recognizable both in Poland and abroad. Using the latest achievements in technology, chemistry and innovative technologies, we can produce high-quality and reliable devices in the preparation of details before painting and the painting itself. Knowing how important it is to expose the detail itself, we make sure not only to protect it from the conditions in which it will be used, but also to give it a unique look and high-quality coating.

The GWO-MAL company provides both production-supporting devices and ready technological lines based on a comprehensive design, execution and delivery. We build lines tailored to the customer's needs, each time approaching his needs individually.